Well Hello there and welcome to my Rainbow-filled curly corner of the world.

Hi I’m Jo Kealley, aka Curly Jo.
I’m a Daughter, a Sister, a Wife and a Mother.
I’m a Designer, a Creator and a Maker.
I chase Rainbows and Dream in Colour.
I practice and believe in Random Acts of Kindness. I encourage others to pay it forward.
I wear flowers in my hair every day. Every single day, even when I am painting the house or washing the dog.

This is my story… {so far}

From as far back as I can remember I have had a pencil in my hand. Nothing excited me as much, or brought me more joy than a new packet of pencils aligned in perfect colour order. Thus began my romance with rainbows and all things colourful.

I’ve been blessed with an Artisan Mum whose creativity knows no bounds, and a Dad whom I often refer to as ‘MacGyver’ for his incredible, creative problem-solving skills.

At school I was never the fastest or the first picked for the sports teams.

Sadly, there were no Art Olympics.
But I was the kid asked to design the posters and school magazine covers. Back then I thought that was pretty cool. “Ask Jo to do it she’s the Arty one” My time to shine was sketch book in hand, pencil at the ready.

It rocked.
It still does.

This creative start led me to pursue further education and eventually a career in Graphic Design.

Life moved pretty fast, the days were long but the years were short.
I met my one true love. We laughed and danced our way through the seasons and years.
A trip around the world and one precious daughter later, ‘Curly Jo Design’ moved from the pages of the sketchbook, through my dreams and finally became my reality. Initially the concept was a self-promotion exercise for what would become my Freelance Design Business.

Things changed.
It evolved.
I evolved.

Glass Fusing and Casting called me into it's delightful intriguing world.

Fast forward to October 2006, the time was now. Over six months spent dreaming, designing and making saw me take a giant leap of faith and hold my first Market Stall. Curly Jo had moved from the safety of the work bench in my home-based Studio, to one card table at Brisbane’s leading Artisan and Craft Market. Set on the picturesque Eagle Street Pier, Riverside in the Brisbane CBD, it was million-dollar Real Estate for a few dollars rent. It became my Sunday home for six years, a long way from my childhood home in the Wildflower-filled Perth Hills. Exciting and terrifying in equal measures.

Life got kinda crazy.

Weekdays spent designing and making.
Nights spent dreaming in colour…occasionally sleeping.
Weekends spent helping my handmade treasures find their forever homes.

Sometimes the housework piled up.
Sometimes I had a meltdown.
Toasted sandwiches featured more frequently on the dinner menu.
What was once a love of gourmet cooking became a love of cooking glass.

So, almost ten years has flown by. My daughter has grown from a curly-haired cherub who would answer the phone stating “Mummy is in the Jewel factory” {the Garage} to an enthusiastic, enchanting girl. My husband has packed and unpacked Market gear from the Ute more times than you care to imagine, he has listened to my late night ramblings and assured me over cups of tea “Everything will work out fine” He is the most positive optimistic person I know, the perfect guy to have on your team. He may be a little greyer for it but still my one true love.

So here I am loving and living what I do. 

Daily I pinch myself that this is all real. 

That I haven’t tumbled down some Rainbow-filled Rabbit hole.
That I have a colourful, creative life.
That it is great big enormous bucket-loads of fun.
That I am blessed with a loyal tribe of customers who I like to call ‘Friend-o-mers’ because I have lost count of how many have become some of my dearest friends.
That my husband Matt, daughter Brodie and ever-so handsome Cocker Spaniel, the Studio Hound known as Darcy James continue to love me, support me, encourage me and put up with my crazy ways. I must have told them a billion times I do not exaggerate. I embellish, for isn’t life better with a little sparkle?

I LOVE that you have taken the time to read my little story and hope you continue to visit me often.

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Take care and be kind to each other.
Curly Jo